This project developed for Generali Italia has seen the reorganization of the contents and online tools present in the 4 different intranets of the companies merged into Generali Italia (INAASSITALIA, TORO, ALLEANZA, LLOYD, AUGUSTA) and the design of a full responsive navigation and consultation interface.
The graphic design has had the objective of creating an engaging, easy to use and immediate understanding image, that is, with a learning curve of low temporal impact.

The final goal was to create the image and structure of the new unified extranet that had an engaging, innovative but also easy and comprehensive style in the "smart digital utility" and that followed the Generali Italia brand guidelines. The solution we designed met the needs of creating a single environment where all the operators from the various agencies could work easily. Environment that had to present itself with a homogeneity of interface, a consistency of navigation and to have, as main characteristic, a simplicity of fruition of the contents.

To present such a large amount of content, we have divided them into thematic channels.


1) Be an incentive for users (mainly agents) through videos, messages and content published by management, for example: useful for sales incentives.

2) Present the latest updates (or contents considered in the foreground) for each of the sections identified.

3) Give access to the various channels through specific boxes with contextualised contents.
In addition to the channels we have created and integrated a flexible and dynamic dashboard able to show, in the form of a preview, the complete data present in the dashboards relating to commercial and agency trends.
The large quantity of products and their total reorganization following unification, made the design and implementation of a convenient research tool that could provide information necessary on the documents relating to the Companies of origin, the branch to which they belong, the year of distribution of the product.
The historical archive was born from this need.

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