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REALIZATION OF B2C AND B2B B2B e-commerce sites

2016 was the golden year for e-commerce in Italy. The data of the E-Commerce Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano are clear: the value of online purchases in Italy will record a growth of 17% from here until the end of the year.

In light of these very encouraging data, the road to online sales turns out to be the winning card, from small to medium-sized companies to more structured realities, to enter new commercial channels and exploit new opportunities.

The success of an e-commerce is determined by many factors, starting from the definition of the objectives and the target of reference, from the navigation structure of the site, which must be clear, well organized and complete, from the product sheets, from the right promotion in search engines and social channels and a pleasant and engaging user experience. The usability, to conclude, is a fundamental part of our e-commerce project.WTN offers e-commerce services, creating e-commerce sites for its customers, that is sales platforms for commercial activities that allow its users to make online transactions in complete safety and convenience, for the purchase of products and services directly from their devices.

WTN provides the ability to independently manage its e-commerce catalog and to introduce new products, to establish different payment methods, and to set up personalized invoices, shipments and taxes.

The security of the transactions as well as the personalization, both from the graphic point of view and in the back-end are the strengths of the e-commerce service proposed by WTN.

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