Il Nuovo Terraglio, a daily newspaper that chronicles cities like Mogliano Veneto, Treviso, Venice and surroundings

The main topics concern Chronicle, Economics, Sport, Culture, Entertainment and Food. All users can propose an article or post a news.


The participatory aspect of the newspapers published in the web form is profoundly changing the relationship between the old and the new way of communicating giving the possibility to users to actively participate in the contents proposed by the editors inserting comments, talking to each other, publishing the articles on own Facebook profiles

The publication is planned carefully every day to ensure users are continually updated on the facts of their city and events of particular interest. This globalized phenomenon means that the traditional mode of communication defined as "top-down" is now decaying, replaced by a participatory communication and above all verifiable through direct experiences told by the public


The use of technology responds to the need for multivoicing, while maintaining this polyphony in the "institutional" sphere, as is the newspaper "Il nuovo Terraglio".

The distinction between professional content and amateur content, also in terms of editorial responsibility, coexists with a basic strategic choice, that is to use the newspaper to accommodate the participatory request of network users who are increasingly interested in publishing their own contents on the web, driven by a need often aimed at giving the most sincere and civil desire to put their knowledge and information at the disposal of citizens.

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